Film The Green Goblin’s Last Stand online
Ocena: 7.5/10 0 2
Premiera: 1992-11-30
Budżet: USD 500.00

The Green Goblin’s Last Stand - (1992)

HD IMDB 7.5 45 min

The Green Goblin’s Last Stand - kategorie filmu:

Action Adventure

Krótki opis filmu pt. The Green Goblin’s Last Stand:

Life is never simple for our favorite wall-crawlling hero, but it’s about to get a lot more complicated. When Norman Osborn returns unexpectedly from the rehabilitation clinic, his sinister alter ego threatens too come back as well. With his spider-sense set on overdrive, Peter Parker races to keep Osborn at ease before his anxiety propels him into Spider-Man’s deadliest foe… The Green Goblin.

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