Film The Cave of the Golden Rose online
Ocena: 6.5/10 0 86
Premiera: 1991-12-22
Budżet: USD 0.00

The Cave of the Golden Rose - (1991)

HD IMDB 6.5 200 min

The Cave of the Golden Rose - kategorie filmu:

Adventure Family Fantasy Romance

Krótki opis filmu pt. The Cave of the Golden Rose:

In the middle of a war between two kingdoms queen died tragically while giving birth to her third daughter. The king wanted a male heir to his throne and torn by the death of his wife, decides to sacrifice the girl and leads to the Cave of the Golden Rose to give her to the monster. The child is saved by the White Witch who promises her a wonderful future. With a rebellious temperament, the princess, named by his father Fantaghiro behaves like a tomboy. But one day she must confront the enemy, the king Romualdo, which is in love with her.

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