Film Sądna noc online
Ocena: 6.6/10 0 121
Premiera: 1993-10-15
Budżet: USD 21,000,000.00

Sądna noc - (1993)

HD IMDB 6.6 110 min

Sądna noc - kategorie filmu:

Action Crime Thriller

Krótki opis filmu pt. Sądna noc:

While racing to a boxing match, Frank, Mike, John and Rey get more than they bargained for. A wrong turn lands them directly in the path of Fallon, a vicious, wise-cracking drug lord. After accidentally witnessing Fallon murder a disloyal henchman, the four become his unwilling prey in a savage game of cat & mouse as they are mercilessly stalked through the urban jungle in this taut suspense drama

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