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Ocena: 5.2/10 0 6
Premiera: 1994-01-19
Budżet: USD 0.00

Ognisty Ring - (1994)

HD IMDB 5.2 95 min

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Action Science Fiction

Krótki opis filmu pt. Ognisty Ring:

In the year 2007, crime has risen at an exponential rate. Once highly populated metropolises such as Los Angeles are no longer inhabitable. These cities have transformed into „Hell Zones,” ruled by violent street gangs. The Hell Zone, formerly called the „Zone of Personal Freedom,” is a safe-haven for criminal warpaths everywhere. This Hell Zone in LA is controlled by a criminal mastermind named Drexal (Joseph Ruskin). For the sake of entertaining his crowds of decadent losers and underlings, Drexal has staged a series of lethal, no-holds-barred matches in the „Death Ring,” where the winner takes all of the glory…while the defeated one shall lose his self-respect (or maybe just his head). Meanwhile, two brave cops, Braniff (Chad McQueen), and Sledge (Gary Daniels) must risk their badges…and their lives when they enter Los Angeles’s „Hell Zone.”

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