Film Megazone 23 II online
Ocena: 8/10 0 1
Premiera: 1986-01-01
Budżet: USD 0.00

Megazone 23 II - (1986)

HD IMDB 8 82 min

Megazone 23 II - kategorie filmu:

Action Animation Science Fiction

Krótki opis filmu pt. Megazone 23 II:

The Dezalg have returned with a new, horrible weapon and unleashed it on Megazone 23’s defenses. Believing their salvation is also in new weapons, B.D. is again bent on breaking the EVE’s final protection level.Full control of Megazone 23 would mean unfettered weapons development. Shogo, meanwhile, has tried to return to a ‚normal’ life; Hanging out with his biker gang, „Trash” and his girlfriend, Yui. But, his convictions about the Megazone’s shadow government policies haven’t changed and when EVE calls for his help, he discovers where the Garland bike has been hidden. It’s showdown time for Shogo and B.D., Trash and the military, as well as the Dezalg and Megazone. However, EVE’s final secret, A.D.A.M., may mean no one will survive.

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