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Premiera: 2014-07-24
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Kamar 207 - (2014)

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Four friends, Echa, Chacha, Revan and Rangga are both enthusiasts of all things that are gothic and mystical. The story begins with those who help the process of exorcismus, a small child who is possessed. They go home with happy hearts because of success. Then, post the results of their work to their blog, which is called a spell blog. Echa and Chacha are sisters of beautiful girls who believe everything is gothic. He likes to carry tarot cards everywhere. He also likes to dress up in Gothic style. Rangga the smart one who is apathetic with all things creepy, he really does not believe the devil exists. He followed this gang, to see with his own eyes, whether Satan really existed or not. Revan is the quiet one who has six sense, he can see the past, even he claims to be able to see past life and strongly believes that his current life is a reincarnation of the past whose business has not been completed.

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