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Ocena: 7.1/10 0 8
Premiera: 1957-12-04
Budżet: USD 0.00

Doctor and the Healer - (1957)

HD IMDB 7.1 102 min

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A Pianetta lacks the medical officer, and this until the arrival of Dr. Marchetti. In the country, however, the doctor is already installed Don Antonio, the local healer that with a little ‚of psychology, magic potions and tricks is held in high regard, especially by Mafalda that awaits her fiancé Corrado who does not write more since 1942. Even Easter, the doctor’s assistant, uses a magic potion when he falls for him. Among Don Antonio and Dr. Marchetti broke a kind of war at a distance in which all are involved, including Clamide, nephew of Don Antonio, flirting with Galeazzo.

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