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Ocena: 5.9/10 0 52
Premiera: 2015-11-19
Budżet: USD 0.00

Dobbiamo parlare - (2015)

HD IMDB 5.9 min

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Vanni and Linda live in a penthouse apartment for rent in the center of Rome. Vanni writes novels, Linda ‚cooperates’ to his novels. Between a vernissage and an exhibition of Basquiat, thay hang out Alfredo and Constanza, a couple on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Alfredo is a surgeon with the habit of waking up early and has a lover, Constanza is a dermatologist with the same habits. With the intent to vent their frustrations in their friends’ living room, Alfredo and Constanza take hostage the couple and recriminate loudly about the past and the present. In an impossible attempt to contain them, Vanni and Linda eventually take the field and also thrash each other. Someone will end up getting hurt by the end of the night.

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