Film Bezimienny Gangster: Prawo czasów online
Ocena: 6.9/10 0 69
Premiera: 2012-02-02
Budżet: USD 0.00

Bezimienny Gangster: Prawo czasów - (2012)

HD IMDB 6.9 133 min

Bezimienny Gangster: Prawo czasów - kategorie filmu:

Crime Thriller

Krótki opis filmu pt. Bezimienny Gangster: Prawo czasów:

A corrupted customs officer, Choi Ik-hyeon, faces losing his job. Then, his life turns around as he meets ganster Choi Hyeong-bae who has connection with the Yakuza. They quickly form a partnetship; Hyeong-bae helps Ik-hyeon set up a business with the money from drug trafficking while Ik-hyeon lobbies for his partner Hyeong-bae. As the government declares war on crime, however, their partnership begins to crack.

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